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How cool the weekend is here

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Am extreemly happy cause it’s the weekend and I can spend it with my friends.
So far I have planned to visit my Uncle tomorrow and fuck up his machine. No that was a joke.
Seriously i’m gonna infect it with a virus and erase his harddrive NOT.
Read the above line carefully.

After doing this, he can fix his own machine and i’ll just sit back and fucken laugh man.
It will be the coolest thing around and I can’t wait.

Also, we had the best Chinese for dinner and I really enjoyed it immensly.
Work was pretty good today and I got 2 dsl connections going for customer’s.
One thing that was rather funny is i answered the fucker with the usual helpdesk Scott speaking crap and the dude on the other end goes when will your service be back up?
I said it’s not down what are you talking about?
He reckoned our dsl service was down when infact it wasn’t down.
It turned out the pooh jabber fucked up his own router it lost it’s settings completly and he accused us of not providing any service.
I felt like telling the moron that he should fucken check his equipment before calling up and yelling at me. I made a point of telling in to check before he calls and before I hung up I said, look before you leep hit the mute button and said fucken wanca so everyone could here.
It felt good and I didn’t give a flying fuck that the hole helpdesk was near by.
As far as i’m concerned the customer can take himself and his weeny little balls elsewhere.

It was a 10 out of 10 day and I really enjoyed it.
MOre tomorrow.


  1. djc1

    fo those of us who don’t live in Australia could you please explain what a pooh jammer is?

  2. anonymous

    how are ya man… I finish in half an hour

  3. anonymous

    I’m going to use weeny little balls at work on Monday (Kathryn).


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