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Month: April 2004

Not a bad day I Guess

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Ok today wasn’t too bad except for the 3 authentication issues we had.
We had a fairwell for one of the Girls who left and we had some pizza and drinks to celebrate. It was a great gathering of people and I enjoyed it.

For dinner I had some fish anc chips and really enjoyed them immensly.

Nothing else to report for today.

Actually I did win the rafle at work for 200 dollars of whatever I like so I chose dick smith electronics and i’m now looking to see what I can buy.

See ya all tomorrow.

New software and a great day

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Ok today Gwmicro bought out a service pack for window eyes 4.5. I was overjoyed to recieve this upgrade cause basically it fixed some issues in internet explorer and also much to my surprise, the menus in icq now speak correctly. This never used to be the case.

Work was great and I enjoyed it unlike yesterday. At least there taking us now seriously and getting some of these outstanding authentication issues resolved.

Dinner was great we had sausages, mashed potatoe and some sprouts.
2 more days till the weekend. come on saturday please.

Another day when can I retire?

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Righto now i’m more determined then ever that i’m going to retire sooner then later. I’m absolutely sick to death of authentication issues and i’m also sick of winy wingey pepkacs.
For those who don’t know what a pebkac is, it means problem exists between keyboard and chair.

These problems have to end there must be a light at the end of the ever growing tunnel that grows longer and longer and longer. It feels like if it stretches for yards miles metres and inches. It’s growing at an expenential rate. It’s annoying me and soon i’ll have no hair left.

What I need is a cute girl who’s caring and understanding and can help me through these difficult times and the tunnel that increases at 120 k an hour.

Bring me a west coast cooler and also while your at it bring me another pack of condoms seen’s I ran out weeks ago.

Thanks and if this makes no sense then your absolutely correct. It makes absolutely no sense to me either and all I wanna do is either eat drink west coast coolers chat to girls or sleep. I have no idea which.

Long weekend almost over

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Ok another long weekend almost over. Very disappointing cause i’ve really enjoyed this long weekend immensly. I’m not looking forward to work tomorrow and would much rather stay home.
Unfortunately this isn’t going to happen but it’s only a 4 day week thank god
Today I just surfed the net chatted had lunch with my Uncle and Grandma and listened to the football game this afternoon. It was a relaxing day and i’d go through the entire day again if I could.

Anzac day a day to remember

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Ok today here in australia it’s anzac day. Anzac stands for australia and new zealand army core. It’s the day we remember all those who fought for our country and we remember them. Basically all around the country we have a dorn service in every state and an anzac day march. I listened to the dawn service and also watched some of the march on tv.

also today I chatted with my friends in the united states and am about to head over to my Uncle’s for a bbq consisting of sausages, fried rice and some other goodies. I love bbqs and trust you all do as well.

I’ll update the journal tonight telling you all exactly what we had and i’ll also enjoy the last day off tomorrow before heading back to work Tuesday.

The day from hell fuck this day

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Right today was absolutely fucked. we had authentication problems all fucking afternoon all because of a fucking u p s failing in a data center in turn causing our customer’s not to be able to connect to the net.
when the hehll are these fucked up noc guys in this data center going to get there acts together and stop this useless crap from happening? They only cause stress and anziety to helpdesk opperators who inturn feel like committing suicide like jumping off the Golden gate bridge or something like that.
It’s enough to make a grown man cry.
I just can’t believe that our upstream providers continually try and tell our noc guys there are no issues with them when clearly our equipment is fine and it’s the upstream provider at fault.
Sometimes i’d really love to be able to ring these simpletons and tell them how fucking useless they really are.
Fucking useless upstream provider no mentality and they don’t give a shit about us pour helpdesk guys working like trojans yeh we have problems no we don’t know when they will be fixed so fuck off for crying out loud and less us just drink a fucking beer and leave us in fucking peace.

Now that I have that shit out of the way, the anzac biscuits were very nice and the girls are hot.
NOw is the time i’d really like to spend a night with a girl on my own no one to bother me and i’ll have peace and trangquility for once fuck let me just have a night on my own.
I just wanna sit down drink beer and talk.
Just give me a night with no annoying phone calls, no annoying idiots and peace.
That’s my day and I hope next week is truly better then today.
The moral of today’s entry,
upstream providers are fucking lyers and have no morals and need to be castrated and someone should eat there weeny little balls for breakfast, all of them every last fucking one of them.

New software what a joke

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HI again all.

Ok today I tried the newest version of icq 4.0 lite and I must admit, there are two things I really don’t like about this version. Firstly, you can disable the typing sounds by unchecking a checkbox but this also disables all input sounds so you only have the sounds like when people send you a message etc. This is a step backward in my oppinion cause in the full icq pro, you can customize all aspects of the sounds in icq. also I don’t like how when you send messages to people and they reply, the entire conversation is displayed in the message window and you have to scroll to the bottom to see what the other person said. a very useless and waste of a feature. If anyone knows if there’s a way around the above listed issues, please reply to this entry. So far i’m unhappy with those 2 things in the new icq and will stay with the older one for the moment.
Nothing else to report today.

Today a sick day

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HI all.
Today unfortunately I was sick and stayed at home.
Spent the morning at the eye doctors had a checkup which went fine. Also renewed my parking authority sticker at the r roads and traffic authority today.
I spent most of the afternoon sleeping.
I’m back at work tomorrow so yeh nothing major to report today.
I’m looking forward to the long weekend this weekend so that should be very cool.

Another week another idiot

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Ok today for a Monday wasn’t too bad.
I can say with satisfaction I got the upper hand here with one customer who irritated me to no end.
I was trying to explain to him how something worked and he kept on interupting me and wouldn’t let me finish.
I simply told him that if he kept talking over me he wouldn’t be able to hear my answer and that i’m trying to help you here but you keep cutting me off.
He then decided he had heard enough and hung up.
I knew then I had the last word.
Serves him right for being a bloody idiot.
Next time he’ll think before calling.

This was the only thing that ruined today other then this, i’m not too bad.
Had some risols, potatoe beans and salad tonight.
Very nice and it made a shitty day in to a better day.
See you all tomorrow.

Cool links to try

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Ok was just talking to a cool friend of mine who’s worked on a cool web site and he wants feedback from you guys.
His site is
garry’s web site

It’s a great site and there’s a link on the site for feedback.
Also check out the coolest jazz site at site
Other then this, there’s not much happening today.
Just chatting on the net, yeh I know not much of a life but it’s relaxing and i’m enjoying chatting to the boys from the united states.
See ya all tomorrow.