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Won’t People ever learn?

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Ok today was rather disappointing from start to end.
Basically today customer’s really gave me the fucken shits and pissed me off to no end.
I was especially pissed off with some fuck wit who could not or would not find the koma key on there keyboard.
It took me 5 minutes to explain a simple little thing like that.
Then to make matters worse, the stupid imbiseel couldn’t tell how many komas she had typed so she erased them and typed them all back in again.
A complete waste of my time and energy.

Also the other thing that really got me on edge and so angry was when someone asks you something and you say no you don’t wish to attend they continually herass you until you feel like simply saying fuck off bitch.
Obviously that’s not possible in some situations but for fuck sake man people should just except your answer and leave it alone.
I’ve decided in future if someone asks me something i’ll say no twice and if they keep persisting, i’ll go mad and tell them to bugger off.
I won’t take any bull shit from anyone so don’t push me too far.

Other then these minor inconveeniences, the day was ok.
I’d much rather be home chatting to girls and drinking vb myself.
That’s about all from here for today.
If I think of anything i’ve missed, i’ll update it later on tonight.

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