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How cool girls are

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Yo dudes.
am over the moon a long time friend I haven’t chatted to in a few days logged on tonight.
She’s hot man hotter then the sun in the sky and she’s got the best tits around.
No, i’m not devoldging any names but i’ll say she’s cute all the same. She even looks better then me and my fucked up gut man.
I’m really gonna start looking at this streadmill again. I’ve been so bored with it lately but having a journal to write shit in is a help.
These journals are fucken a man and i’ll use it forever. One day this stuff will be worth millions. actually maybe djc and mmyself wil and msippi can publish a fucking huge journal and sell it and keep the proffits and invest them in a hotdog stand. Actually I would realy love a corndog right now. The fact is, you can’t buy the mother fuckers here in this fucked up country so i’ll have to setttle for a beer or some other shit.
Well i’ll catch ya all tomorrow.
By the way, this journal does contain strong language and adult themes.
Tough titties if you don’t like this kind of language man.
See ya.

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