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Month: April 2010

A long long time since i’ve written

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Ok all it’s been months since I last wrote and I did say back then I would try and keep the blog updated.
Well I do have some news.

Firstly for those who didn’t know, I had to get the implant in my eye totally redone and now I have a glass implant.
I’m going to the eye maker this week to start the process of getting the new artificial eye made up.
On wednesday i’m going to the surgeon to make sure everything is fine so I can then visit the eye maker.

In other news, i’m buying a new pc this week. Mine is old man it’s so old like 6 years or something it’s time for a change.

I’m upgrading to windows 7 and today have spent the day backing up and testin hardware on windows 7 to get everything ready.

I’ll update the blog and let you all know how it goes.