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Month: December 2008

Happy Birthday John

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Happy Birthday to my Uncle John who’s an awesome Uncle and we get on well.

Besides my Uncle’s Birthday today I went over to Murray’s home and we had some pizza and beer.

It was awesome and the pizza was great.


Nothing much else happened today.



Will post more tomorrow.



Christmas day a smashing success

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Christmas day was an absolutely smashing success.

I got some wonderful presents and best of all, the friends and   family we had over were great.


we had the following to eat.

Chicken, vegies, potatoe salad, greek salad, green salad, veal, polish pastries and the deserts were out of this world.

Cheese cake, cupcakes, my Mum’s bloody nice trifle and biscuits.

Absolutely grand man and I also recieved some iTunes vouchers, some beer, a bucket of tasty food items too numerous to mention here and diet ginger beer.

I’d personally like to thank Mum Grandma Kathryn clint Jackie Jason June and Uncle Stan for their presents or should that be presence felt here today.

Really nice atmosphere and I’m all eaten out now.


I’m off to bed and will enjoy some podcasts and tomorrow will set up my airport express and stream my music wirelessly to my new Stereo written about previously on the blog.


See you all tomorrow.



Christmas celebrations about to get underway

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Ok just awaiting guests to start arriving shortly.

The food is being prepared and i’ve done what I can to assist today.

I’ve tasted the grapes from the fruit platter and had a chocolate almond and i’m ready as I ever will be.

I’ll post more this evening after the event is over and probably tomorrow i’ll just relax and enjoy left overs.


Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and everything is good.


Christmas Eve at Grandma’s

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Ok firstly I just wanted to wish everyone around the world who reads my journal a very merry Christmas.

Tonight we just had our Christmas Eve dinner at my Grandma’s and it was one of the tastiest dinners i’ve had in ages.

We had beatroot soup for starters then we had fish mash potatoes cucumber and jelly and ice cream for desert.

It was very enjoyable the guests all had a great time and I really am looking forward to our Christmas lunch tomorrow afternoon.

I’m now going to go to bed and dream of iTunes vouchers and hard cold beer with my good buddy Clint and stan tomorrow.

Am looking forward to meeting Jackie and Jason who will also be attending the celebrations tomorrow.


I’ll be posting what and how tomorrow goes after or possibly before the event.



Stereo better then I had hoped

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My new micro system is working way better then I had hoped.

Firstly you can pop in a standard usb key full of mp3 files and it just plays them one after the other.

The cd player works very well and it’s a joy to use.

I’ll be learning more about it over the next few days.


In other news, really looking forward to christmas and spending time with my family and friends.

Will post more tomorrow.


Just off to try and find a replacement skype phone and to listen to some mac podcasts on the victor reader stream.



New Panasonic micro hifi purchased

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Ok all i’ve just purchased a new Panasonic scpm46 micro hifi stereo.

It has a usb input for mp3 devices. a music port otherwise known as aux in for connecting to stereo equipment, a cd player that plays mp3 cdr cdrw wma and not sure what else.

Also has an am fm tuna and my awesome Uncle is going to help me set it up tomorrow.

The sound is fantastic and it’s one of the smallest stereo’s i’ve ever purchased.


I also bought an airport express for my mac which allows you to stream your iTunes music wirelessly to your stereo.


Here’s a link to the new Panasonic stereo I just purchased.

 Panasonic scpm46 product page

Looking at stereos today.

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Ok today I went to the good guys which are a very large store similar to best buy and staples. They sell everything from computers to stereos tv’s videos and more.

I found an awesome Panasonic stereo with iPod dock and usb input cd player that plays mp3 wma and cdr cdrw discs. Easy to use not menu driven and good sound for the price.

Haven’t decided yet on the model I am after but as soon as I find one I like or purchase one, i’ll be sure to let everyone know and post a link to the stereo.



fish and chips tonight

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Ok we’re all having  fish and chips tonight.

Am looking forward to the food and i’ll also enjoy spending time with my Uncle’s auntie and Grandma.

There all very kind and considerate people and i’ll always enjoy their company.

In other news, am very excited about Christmas next week.


I’m now also on Holidays and i’m relieved and am looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow.

Will chat to you all later tonight when I try out a new client for the mac called macjournal.


Billion router going very well.

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Ok the new billion router is going very very well.


The voip quality is supurb and it was very easy to setup and it just works.


It also has 4 gigabyte ethernet ports 80211n wireless and you can also plugg in 2 phones.

There are also 3 detachable antennas and the chipset it’s using is called solos.

Older models were using the argon 432 chipset and the solos chipset seems in my opinion is better.

Adsl syncs quickly and this unit does get warm but not super hot so you can’t burn your hand on the device.

I’d recommend this unit to anyone wanting the above features.

voip works well, I like how if you want to call out using your landline, you simply press hookflash or flash on your handset and it switches from voip over to the pstn line.


Check out the specs and post comments and let me know what you think of these units.



I think i’ll be buying one very very soon.

Here’s the link again for the router info.


billion 7404vnpx page