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Author: scottrut

Dinner and floor fan

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well the dinner was better then I had expected.
Unfortunately my floor fan was giving me grief here and I loosen the blades and fiddled for 15 mins on the bloody thing till it just started working.
I’m going out this weekend to buy a new fan cause this one has been problematic since Christmas.

The dinner was great had 3 pieces of roast lamb 3 potatoes some beans and some brocoli and some other stuff.
We’re having apple pie for desert so shortly that will be happening.

We’ll have another update tonight or probably tomorrow since all i’ll be doing tonight is chatting to some cute girls on icq and enjoying there company.

Guests have finally arrived

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Ok the guests have finally arrived.
The lamb is looking Great and the guests are just in the lounge talking and watching tv.

We should be eating any minute now.
If not, i’ll go and grab some pizza or something instead which would probably take longer so it’s pointless.
The potatoes are looking nice and brown I think and any second we should hear some good news regarding desert.
Stay tuned for updates.

Waiting for guests

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Hi again all.
Still awaiting these bloody guests to arrive.
I smell the lamb and i’m heaps hungry.
Hopefully they will arrive soon.
Will post an update after the guests leave and let you all know how the lunch went.

Pity I have to work tomorrow.
Sometimes work is a real bitch.

First Journal entry

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Hi all.
Here’s my first journal entry.
Basically this journal will contain funny facts about me work and events in my strange life.

Right now i’m chatting with the guys on Ventrilo.
Am about to have visitors over for roast lamb and potatoes and vegies.
Should be a great afternoon and thsi will be updated later on tonight.
Will also post the first day back at work after this easter brake.
Stay tuned for more info.