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Billion router going very well.

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Ok the new billion router is going very very well.


The voip quality is supurb and it was very easy to setup and it just works.


It also has 4 gigabyte ethernet ports 80211n wireless and you can also plugg in 2 phones.

There are also 3 detachable antennas and the chipset it’s using is called solos.

Older models were using the argon 432 chipset and the solos chipset seems in my opinion is better.

Adsl syncs quickly and this unit does get warm but not super hot so you can’t burn your hand on the device.

I’d recommend this unit to anyone wanting the above features.

voip works well, I like how if you want to call out using your landline, you simply press hookflash or flash on your handset and it switches from voip over to the pstn line.


Check out the specs and post comments and let me know what you think of these units.



I think i’ll be buying one very very soon.

Here’s the link again for the router info.


billion 7404vnpx page

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