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Trip to America

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Ok i’ve booked my tickets for my awesome trip to America.


I’m very excited about it and am really keen to try some new food over in America and hope everything goes well and I have the finest tour guide available little cupcake.


Come on august 2nd please.



Mlb baseball I love it

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Well folks i’m really digging this mlb baseball app on the iPhone.

It’s voiceover friendly and the audio from each game is superb. I recommend anyone go and get mlb at bat 2010 and enjoy baseball to it’s fullest.


Not much else to report except i’m getting my new eye next Thursday.

Will update this journal which is long in the tooth just like me.



A long long time since i’ve written

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Ok all it’s been months since I last wrote and I did say back then I would try and keep the blog updated.
Well I do have some news.

Firstly for those who didn’t know, I had to get the implant in my eye totally redone and now I have a glass implant.
I’m going to the eye maker this week to start the process of getting the new artificial eye made up.
On wednesday i’m going to the surgeon to make sure everything is fine so I can then visit the eye maker.

In other news, i’m buying a new pc this week. Mine is old man it’s so old like 6 years or something it’s time for a change.

I’m upgrading to windows 7 and today have spent the day backing up and testin hardware on windows 7 to get everything ready.

I’ll update the blog and let you all know how it goes.

New job started yesterday

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Yesterday I started the new job and started training.
Broadband Solutions are fantastic and I really like the way they perform as a company.

It will be great working with Brad and Sam and I look forward to doing the best I can for bbs.
Not much else to report from here at the moment so will write more tomorrow.

starting the new job on thursday

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Hi all.

Looking forward to starting the new job on Thursday.
New voip phone should arrive sometime today so we’ll plug it in and make sure everything works.
Then have to make a folder in safari and move some links over to it.

Enjoying twitter and syrinx on the mac and am thinking about an iPhone but am in no hurry immediatly.
Not much else to report at the moment so will post again very soon.

New mac twitter client

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Hi alll.

It’s been a while.

There’s a new mac twitter client called syrinx and it’s accessible and i’m very very impressed.
It takes a lot to impress me when it comes to software but so far i’m very impressed and it is super.
If you want to try it for yourself and don’t use that bloated os called windows, then point your browser over to the following link and download a copy today it’s free so you really have no excuse to try it out.

MRR Software Website.